The Knack Initiative

What’s in a name?

If you said  “Nothing”, you’re foolish and you deserve a bleach sandwich. Allie and I sat on her couch together fumbling over the origins of what is now our blog that we share (that feels good to say), pretending to be logophiles and even contain intelligence. As far as our blog name goes, well, it’s not as complicated as you think. We both have dreams to achieve as a couple in the future, some near and others far. Going off that, we wanted a title that embodied a collaborative project, a stepping stone to something bigger, a humble place to start where we could put our artistic outputs down on a mood board setting. A beginning. An initiative. 

And a “knack” is just that–a passion, a talent, an artIt’s something to look forward to, I think…I’m pretty confident in our ability to be real with you on this weird journey. Our lives are strange. Our families are often abnormal and our inside jokes are even worse. But…. it’s just a gateway to something bigger and better. So by all means you turkeys, hold on with us as the roller coaster chugs along. This is the Knack Initiative.

Deal with it.


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