Catching Hobbits. Or Hobbits On Fire.. Hobbits Aflame?

First of all, who the heck is Tauriel?

I’m pretty sure that as you kicked back, sipped on your soda, and watched the whole scene play out, you were thinking the same thing. According to Entertainment Weekly (article HERE), “Her elven warrior is a new creation for the Peter Jackson film…”
Yeah, well, stop it.

Everyone knows Evangeline Lilly from LOST, one of the biggest shows back in 2004 (thru 2010) and she kinda sorta fell off the map after her mediocre acting and stiff lines. Her role as the woman who wants a man but decides she doesn’t last second over and over and over again was repeated in this film, which could’ve been a visual masterpiece without the awkward appearance of Kate Austen.

That being said, I did enjoy the film, and WOULD recommend seeing it. Just take her character with a grain of salt. She is, unfortunately, a focus of the movie, but not for too terribly long.

Also soon to come: Orlando Bloom’s Anti-Aging Under-Eye Serum for men. They’re calling it “Legolast.”

Over all, I’d give this a 3 1/2 star rating for excellent visuals and amazing CGI, plus some breathtaking views of mountains. Again, the filmography and angles? FANTASTIC.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Catching Fire is catching eyes. Justin and I saw this just the other day at a smexy theatre in San Antonio and walked out saying, “I want to go back in and watch it again.” IT WAS THAT GOOD. Josh Hutcherson (or as Justin calls him, “Josh Hunkerson”) is getting better. I never thought I’d see the day that I would hear the words coming out of my mouth, but he may actually be a decent actor now. As for Jennifer Lawrence, naturally, her performance was phenomenal. In fact, the first fifteen minutes of the movie had me in tears the entire time. And while we’re on the topic of her near-perfect acting, let’s touch on her performance in Silver Lining’s Playbook because (say it with me now) it was UH-MA-ZING.

Anywhoozle, you know a movie is good when it’s out for a whole two months (and running) in the theatre and literally five minutes after you see it you want to see it again. I give this film a full four and a half stars for amazing acting and a great story line. I have nothing snarky to say.

courtesy of annoyed women everywhere

Except maybe Johanna whats-her-face was a little over the top. I had to laugh at the face Katniss made because women everywhere who aren’t as confident (or out there) as Johanna feel exactly like this.

(Because, who are we kidding; I’m always snarky.)

Allie, over and out.

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