What does success look like? –Justin


Ah. Fewer words make a man feel like a  real man, a woman like a real woman. There are a lot of people both in my life and those whom I observe from the outside who I feel have very much earned their respective successes. Maybe it looks different to everybody. Maybe if you think I’m wrong, I’m going to toss you out of a window. Who knows. Anyways….I mean, where do I even start….

Got it.

If you get to know me, you’ll know that ever since it first aired on American television in 2000, I’ve been completely and utterly captivated by the anime franchise Gundam (And….cue Allie shaking her head in despair). A franchise that started in 1979 in Japan and is still continuing to this day, its creator Yoshiyuki Tomino took the giant-robot anime craze of the 70’s out of the cartoony, super-hero element and into a realistic, relational war-drama, pioneering what is known as the “real robot” anime genre that paved the way for future iconic series such as Robotech and Evangelion. However, after the original 1979 series wrapped up its 43-episode run and the follow-up release of its theatrical complication film trilogy was finished, Tomino fell into a deep depression. Interestingly enough, it was during this deep depression that he created his finest, most quality work–the 1985 sequel to the original series, Zeta Gundam. Its power symbolism, smooth animation and dark tone set the standard for the series 30 or so years. Plus it has a very intentional commentary about women both in society and on the battlefield. A show…an anime, no less…that makes you think? I call that successful. What up, Gundam Wing! 

I think sometimes we tend to look too much into the obstacles along the way, whether big or small, and allow ourselves to be scared out of the drive to be truly engaged to pursuit our desires, or even our needs.  I mean, I don’t believe every “failure” in our lives has to do with fear. Life happens, circumstances happen, and sometimes God closes doors solely to open new ones down the road, if not simultaneously. However, I also know myself. I think about the things that have taken me out for the count when it comes to delivering excellence in my craft. Whether that craft is putting together the greatest instrumental on FL Studios, finishing the wildest thought-provoking painting, or simply leaving the nest and heading overseas, or another state, or just out of the city, it’s always hard to see the end result of my hard work, and that alone can be enough of a personal incentive to not continue, or evade trying. Ahem….college….*hack* *cough* *PUKE*.

Dude, I’m telling you now. The only lack of success we will ever have in this life are in those areas where we never tried to succeed. It’s really that simple. Well, trying a bunch of things in life and never really finishing them, never feeling accomplished (like Peter from Fringe), that’s a different tale for a different time. For now, we just need to get out of bed and start somewhere. Anywhere. That’s what iphones are for. Angry Birds and Candy Crap can be put to the side for minute to open up the calender app and starting planning for the future. Windows 8.1 has a free fitness and healthy eating application. Turn off the television–even if you’re watching the news–and open up the Bible instead. Most of those apps are free, too. Encourage yourself and understand that no matter what you’re doing, even if it appears to be nothing, you’re still feeding yourself something. Whether it be active engagement or apathetic stillness, we are always taking something in. What are you feeding yourself today? Nom.

Nom on, homosapiens. Nom freaking ON.

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  1. buggjoose says:

    I enjoy your writing!

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