Multi-Goal Futures Suck. –Allie

No, really. Having to save for three hundred and twenty four different things in life that happen to ALL be expensive… irritating, at best. I just don’t make that kind of money. So the question is, how should I best go about this?

I’ve considered a lot of options. Envelopes, kept under my mattress or something, labeled with whatever goal is appropriate, and putting extra money in it every so often. But how much? A percentage? Should it be a flat rate of 10 a week or something? 

OR, make a savings account on Orange 360 or whatever it’s called now and let it pull a solid amount from my paycheck every two weeks.

Then there are things like Mint that help you see exactly where your money is going and stuff. 

Sigh. Financials. I’m bad at them.

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