New Years Resolutions! :D –Justin

I suck at them.

Anybody else? And yet, I feel that mine are particularly important to my development. I dunno.

It’s like waking up the day after you had a batch of fresh crack, and then thinking, “Yeah, I’m never going to do crack again. Because thinking it makes me feel empowered”. Excellent. Then next week, “Yeah, I’m never going to do crack again”. Poor analogy? Swim in a lake of sulfur.

You get my point. They’re little things, sure, but so big. What’s the difference between our goals as young adults and our “extra special” “resolutions”? Nothing. Outside of determination, really, nothing at all. But Allie sure did make me feel good when she asked me to write them down. It worked. I feel awesome.

One resolution, out of ten, has to do with exercising and eating properly on a consistent basis. Another has to do with not swearing. And yet another, committing to my crafts as an artist. The list goes on and gets more personal. At least with the swearing thing, which I usually don’t do anyway but caught a pretty bad case last year, I’m making progress. It’s a little thing, y’know. It’s nothing that often offends me, even as a Christian (hey dorks, I went to public school!) but I do realize that if I want to better myself in big ways, why not start with the small stuff?

I guess that’s what I’m trying to get at. This year is going to be very progressive. Getting my chemical dependency certification for counseling? Etching down my college courses until I’m down to three classes left for 2015? Finishing up my albums for the new year? Leggo.

If you don’t “believe” in new year resolutions, I feel you, dude.

I get it.

I’d rather not even pretend to want to change if I know I’m not going to make the effort a month down the road. But it’s time for me to get in shape again. It’s time to continue learning and to expect nobody to get up in the morning and start the day right for me. Nobody’s going to take care of my car for me, eat breakfast for me, open the Bible up for me. It’s all me.

In other news….2014 is going to be a great year for movies (Captain America 2, folks? Guardians of the Galaxy, people? Spider-Man 2, anyone?)

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