Our flights are a day apart… -Allie

…so really, I should be able to drown these miserable feelings of loneliness in the toilet. Or maybe window-toss them. But I cannot. Justin is taken off to AK and left me here in Texas to follow him tomorrow, and I’m like, “but.. who’s going to watch Fringe with me?” It’s one night. “..but who’s gonna brush their teeth beside me at the sink?” It’s one night! “..but..” NO.

Anyway, we’re hopeless and grossly in love and it’s all terribly annoying, I know.

Moving on to brighter subjects, I’m almost completely packed. I have a “taking” pile and a “leaving” pile and a “I have no idea what to do with these but they’re so pretty or fun that I just can’t toss them” pile. Needless to say, I’m taking frequent breaks.

BTW, in case you were wondering, the show that J and I are currently hooked on is called Fringe (aforementioned) and since I can’t watch one tonight (he’s not here, and he’d flip if I watched an episode without him: “YOU DID WHAT”) I’m going to BLOG ABOUT IT.

*que evil laugh*

We are only in Season 1 and just finished “Inner Child,” wherein a boy is found underground in a passage that has been sealed off for 70 years. They never find out how he got under there, but as the show ends, the viewer realizes what happens and both Justin and I were literally yelling at the tv with surprise and “OH NO THEY DIDN’T.” It’s fun stuff.

Watch it.

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