Wednesday morning

Good morning Alaska.

Good morning Alaska.

Because I’m all caught up in her just being here, I’m allowing Income Properties to be on the television right now. Too much HGtv will make a man crazy, just like any good thing. And I dig me some HGtv, Travel Channel, Food Network, TLC, all that. I’m pretty sure Allie is addicted to House Hunters Int. Personally, I’m all about the food shows, a la Man v. Food. What up, heart attack!

But it is the morning still. We’re at my house in Anchorage, ready for the day (yeah right). I’ve been sipping on a lactose-free hot chocolate (“more Ovaltine please, even though it doesn’t taste as good as Nesquik!!”), I made Allie a fresh mug of coffee, and now she’s making my mom a mug herself, bless her heart.

So, mom and Allie met for the first time last night. Would’ve been nice if it weren’t 1 am and Allie and I were tired as dogs; because mom was wide awake and ready to talk our ears off. Because that’s what a good mom does–keeps relationships alive by that one basic thing a lot of relationships miss out on: communication. Still….I needed to sleep.

We’ll all have time to hang out in the near future, and I’m excited for the lunch and dinner dates where we will really get to know each other and tell some amazing testimonies and, most importantly, eat good food. But that’s for later. Now, I’m just gonna live in the moment. I don’t care what you say.

We’re actually together now. I can finally say, we never have to be in a long distance relationship ever again. God is good.

The Knack Initiative just got real.

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