Why. (Justin)


Sometimes I just ask myself…..why. Dad is from North Carolina, mom is from New York, brother is from Georgia…and here I am, freezing. Smiling through the breath of the darkest winters and planning viciously to finish college and leave state so I can go travel for a little bit, go praise and serve God from beyond the comfortable fabric of the backyard. Work harder than ever before and strive into a career field to support myself and Allie. Eventually start graduate school (in Oregon perhaps) and solidify what I want out of education.

But then there’s Alaska. No place more depressing, no place more beautiful. Ask anyone who lives here, you’ll get a different answer from almost everyone about how they feel about the Last Frontier–the biggest state the nation has to offer.  Especially in the wintertime. My four-week Texas-Allie vacation has ended, and the Lord has granted me safety upon my arrival back home. I’m back in Alaska, back in school, and have somehow convinced my Allie to come follow me back up here until I’m done with school, which I’m currently (literally, currentlytrying my best to finish as soon as I can.

If you’ve lived in Alaska, you’ll know it’s not really a place you’d want to live alone in. Thank the Lord, He saw it fit for me not to have to. Now, it’s going to be really challenging. It’s going to be difficult in the worst and best ways. Regardless, the dynamic is shifting dramatically. New recording equipment on the table, clothes in the laundry, worship songs in my head, Final Fantasy VII on Steam, and a belly full of hot beef stew. And an angel on the way.


Because ultimately, it truly is about the little things in life.

Bring it, Alaska. You’ll my oldest enemy, my oldest friend. Let’s dance one last time.

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