Worlds Collide (Justin)

Tyler. Ausdin. Madison. Akbar. David. Anthony.

These are the names of my closest friends. I’m an extrovert at heart; I love being around people. Sometimes having a big social circle can be exhausting; though I find bursts of energy in thick social situations and engagements, these past two years I’ve been understanding the importance of “alone time”. I don’t give myself too much time to be alone because honestly, I hardly feel like being alone, but it’s not good to always feel like I have to be with someone. In a way it invalidates God’s omnipresence. Always filling my space with people because otherwise, no one else is there. My world, needless to say, is changing.

But it’s still filled with a lot of people (family is a given; dysfunctionality doesn’t dismiss blood ties). Today, I met Allie at the University, an institution she courageously stopped going to and the same one I’m courageously fighting to maintain endurance and patience with. It was here, at this point, that I realized, perhaps for a second time, that our worlds are not the same. We ran into a few good chums that I knew and told her I’d been also getting texts from friends during class, none of whom she really knows. I also mentioned that I had some old friends in class with me in the morning. Later that day we went over to meet with one of my aforementioned best friends David and his wife for dinner, a board game and chit-chat late into the night. She was in my world.

Well, my mother with all of her sage-like wisdom made a great point to me tonight. I just happened to mention how Allie moved back up to Alaska for me and mom interrupted me to correct me:

“She didn’t move up for you. She moved up here so you two can be together. You didn’t force her; she made the choice.”

The beautiful caramel-skinned sage that is my mother had a point. Allie isn’t in my world. We’re attempting to establish our own element here in this place I happen to be more familiar with.  Begin our life together. That’s part of what The Knack Initiative is all about. The journey shared between her and I and the Lord. And it looks like I will have to do my best to adjust and readjust, and even remotely try to be as courageous as she has been for me and for herself….for us.

Tyler. Ausdin. Madison. Akbar. Two down…four to go.

I’m not introducing Allie to my closest homies. I’m introducing my closest homies to The Knack Initiative. 

Drink it in.



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