I’m Always Two Years Behind (Allie)

I refuse to watch tv shows 80% of the time because they’re all the rage and it just drives me crazy to get sucked into  a whirlwind of YouTube commentaries and fangirl obsessions. I generally wait until a year or two after. For one thing, I’m not elbowing some poor woman for the front of the line to purchase the latest copy of Harry Potter number five thousand before she can buy it for her five year old who can’t even read yet, or “whoops didn’t see you there”-ing to an enthusiastic pre-teen looking for the most recent XBox craze. (Yes, my rule applies to games and books as well.) For another thing, these items tend to be about half off of what they were in the beginning. Or in a tv/movie scenario, it’s on good old WebSlides. (And by that, I mean Netflix.) (I’ve been dating Justin too long.)

Case in point, I just got into Scandal, the fascinatingly awkward tv series about a lawyer who claims to not be a lawyer, surrounded by a bunch of black-ties who also claim to not be lawyers, but “gladiators in suits” who run around under the moral code of the government with the endorsement, albeit silent, of the president and his cohorts. Olivia Pope, the main-ish character, is a straight-laced not-lawyer, but rather a self-proclaimed “fixer,” who slips in and out of the White House, kissing the president here and solving global warming there. She’s superwoman. Also, she’s very convincing with her words. I’m only just into the second season, and somehow we’re still stuck on a slightly insignificant character named Quinn who reportedly killed seven people in some bomb explosion and can’t figure out what really happened but plays no real role in this show yet. I say yet hopefully, because I like her and am watching to see if they bother to announce her direction in this show in season two.

I give it a “watch it, you’ll like it” rating due to Kerry Washington’s acting. Flawless. She plays the bad-ass without appearing too full of herself.

Watch it, you’ll like it.

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One Response to I’m Always Two Years Behind (Allie)

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I’ve heard of it, so I just might watch it one day.

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