Arrow: s1: episode 1 SPOILER ALERT (Allie)

Wherein Batman is born.

No, really. This guy who was bad puts on a green hood and capers around town, trying to make himself good by taking things from the rich dudes who own big companies and stopping crime. He keeps up his day job as a rich and fancy playboy with his pick of any chick he wants, and at night becomes a justice-league poser in a parka. Hood. Thing. Whatever.

Five years previous, the main character became stranded on this random island for half a decade and honed his body into a living weapon. So somehow, he knows how to engage in skilled hand to hand combat. Because being alone on an island can do thay for a person.

Anywhoozles, his aim is a little foggy but I think he’s trying to set up his family business again, Queen Industrial or something like that.

And that, folks, is my hideously terrible review (ish) on Arrow, season 1, episode 1.

Knack it up.

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