Converse Chronicles (Justin)

Going off of Allie’s last post, we took our black and pink Converse Chuck Taylors and hit the city of Anchorage this Sunday, starting with an excellent spiritual breakfast at church fed by assistant pastor Clay on how and why–why–we, as Christians, serve. His Texas flare and exaggerated stories that relate to the sermon really spiced up the morning and set my Alaskan heart aflame for service (Allie is from Texas also, so it doesn’t count).

After a nice pulled-pork sammich we headed to Aiport Park on the westside of the city, a middle-point connecting, via bicycle trail, Earthquake Park and Point Waronzof (where we can see broken pieces of glacier and the beautiful Alaska, mountain side known as Sleeping Lady). Then it got cold real fast and, because we suck, we left. Yay quitters.

IMG_0198 IMG_0237


Then I impulsively decided to take us downtown and we and our Chucks took a magnificent walk through the business and awkward winter puddles of the Sunday city life, warming up with coffee at Kaladi’s Brothers and getting our fill of artistic inspiration at two of Allie’s favorite Anchorage art galleries, Octopus Art and Svigny’s Gallery.

IMG_0253 IMG_0259


Not a bad way to spend the day. I’m pretty satisfied. Thank you Lord for keeping Noir (my 2004 Ford Focus) intact today–he held up excellently.

See you tomorrow, Anchorage.

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