I know we haven’t posted in a while…so here’s a little one. You’re welcome.

I’m not a good writer. Justin is, and his topics are always so honest and unpretentious. I often find myself wanting to write about topics that change things, that make people see the world differently, that affect society in a good way. But instead of my words falling neatly onto paper like organized raindrops, it’s a flood, and I erase my post and upload a picture instead.

When J and I started our little blog, we never expected to enjoy it as much as we do or write as much as we have. Nor did we expect any followers. We tried to organize each day into topics. Monday, book review days, Tuesdays, movies, Fridays, religious topics. It didn’t work. For one, I don’t have access to a computer regularly so I can’t blog about topics that I research because researching on my phone is a female canine.

To get to the single point of this post: thanks. We get notifications every time someone new follows us and I send a text to J or the other way around, and the texts are usually like, 18 FOLLOWERS. Or SOMEONE LIKED OUR POST!!!

So.. yeah. Thanks.

Come back and see us.

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