I’d Rather Be Outside..

J and I went to the gym yesterday. He’s still asleep (what a bum!) (Except he gets up at 5:30am every weekday) but when he wakes, I’ll ask him if working out last night made his legs better or worse. I slapped his leg at one point and he was like OWWWWWW. My bad.

My routine looked scattered last night. I had trouble sticking to one thing.

10 minutes on the bicycle
Half a mile on the treadmill (I hate treadmills)
Chest press: 12 reps of 30lbs, 8 reps of 50, back to 12 of 30, and then 10 of 50
Leg machines of some sort at 70 lbs, maxed out
Leg press: 25 reps of 90lbs, rest, 25 reps of 110, rest, 25 reps of 130, rest, 25 reps of 130
And then I went and found J at the weights area and told him I was done. I was NOT feeling being around that many people, having to wait for machines and lose my burn, feeling slightly grouchy anyway… not a good day at the gym. But I’m glad I went.

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