NFL. FML. LOL. I quit. (Both of us!)



The first Super Bowl was in 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. The Packers took the Chiefs by 25 points, NBC and CBS televised the event, and everyone had a bang-up time. Thus, the yearly event was born. For the past sixty years, everyone’s enjoyed gathering around the ol’ telly in the living room, or snuggling up to the local bar, to yell at the screen while a few men toss a pig-skin around the yard. So why do we care so much about football? lists five primary reasons football is important to the US:
Goal Setting
and… *drum roll* I kid you not, “A High You Can’t Buy.” 

Apparently we’re giving away crack now.

Then, gives TEN reasons football is the best sport in the world! …And I quote:

Cinderella Stories.
The “Chess Match.”
Rivalries. (Yay, conflict.)
Defensive Excitement. (Rated x.)
Weekly Intrigue. (It’s a magazine.)
Fantasy Football. (Unfortunately, THAT part is a thing.)
Thanksgiving Traditions. (…except for those of us hanging out in the frozen wasteland of February.)
Parity. (It’s the process in which certain factors combine to ensure that every team will be at least reasonably competitive for random periods of time.)

Now. Let’s talk about the MAIN reason everyone watches the game:
The commercials. Remember the one where the Budweiser horse farted in the redneck’s face? That was funny. I snorted. 

I’m turning this post over to Justin now because I’m lazy. 

Watch these and laugh. 

Stop laughing. Do you think this is a game?

Well technically it is. The big one. Yee-haw. Just another excuse to get the family together–or get away from them–and pretend like you actually followed the entire season up to this point. But you didn’t. It’s like those early MegaMan games for the regular Nintendo where you have eight bosses to fight, but somehow you stumbled onto the codes to get to the final bosses and Dr. Wily’s castle. 

Doesn’t ring a bell? Then we’re probably not friends.

I’m personally very excited to watch the game with Allie. This year I don’t care who wins, really. I just want to indulge in the silly commercials with her and eat really unhealthy food during the duration of the game (apparently, she’s rooting for Seattle. Sherman can be a little too turned up, but it’d be nice to see Peyton lose, if I had to make a choice). In reading the aforementioned reasons that football in ‘Merica is that important, I find myself laughing a tad. Everyone in my family watches–and follows–basketball. Whoops. Way to capture our attention, NFL. FML.

Tomorrow should be phun. But we’ll see how it plays out. See what I did there?

Go away.

Knack, out. 

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