He Has to Be Tall and Handsome and Have a Great Smile (Allie)

I made a list of what I wanted my future husband to be like when I was little. Don’t look at me that way; we’ve all done it!
When I was ten, my list looked like this:

When I was 13, it looked more like this:
Likes horses and God.

You see my priorities.

I made a fairly final list of what I wanted when I was 17. Fat lot of good it did me for the next few years, but that’s a story for another time. Here’s a look at that list.

I started with physical aspects. I wanted someone tall, and handsome, with straight teeth and kind eyes, but if his personality were good I could overlook anything. (I’m not sure how true that last statement is, but I was being optimistic.)  After that, I went to the emotional/personality traits. I wanted someone sensitive, quiet at times but mostly upbeat and energetic, artistic, musically talented, and companionable. (Ie., wants to ride horses with me haha) As for spiritual necessities, he had to be a Christian. A strong, firm Believer. I needed someone to lead me in the future and someone strong enough to lead our children. Someone gracious and forgiving and loving. Incredibly honest and loyal. Most of all, someone who would point me back to the straight and narrow when I needed it.

And then I met Justin. Initially, I felt an attraction, but I was rather involved with the Douchebag of the Century and couldn’t rightfully persue any thoughts on the matter so I left it alone. My friend Ivory suspected I had a crush on Justin but never said anything until J and I were together. Justin started dating one of my friends and I moved to Wyoming. That was seemingly the end of what never had had a chance to begin.

After four months in Texas (where I went after a 5 month gig in Wyoming at a lodge) by myself, I began to severely miss my Alaska friends. I randomly picked up the phone one day and flipped through my phonebook to see who would be up for a call during my hour long commute to work. Justin’s number was close to the top and I passed it up, thinking, nah, he’d probably hardly remember me. Then I stopped and went back. Something pulled me toward dialing him up.

Naturally, it went to voicemail. I guessed I’d been imagining the pull and called Ivory instead.

When I got off work that night, I had a long and drawn out message from Justin in my mailbox. Because that’s the only kind of voicemail he knows how to leave.

I called him back immediately.
We talked.
And talked.
And talked.

And the next day we talked.

Then a week went by.

He called me.
We talked.

I called him.
We talked.

We couldn’t stop talking.

It turns out:
He met every single one of my criterias on my Future Husband Wish List (sounds like I’m shopping for dinner) and MORE that I never knew I needed.

Lists keep us organized, but if our lists reflect the Lord’s wishes for our lives, then our desires line up with His desires and He is more than willing to provide our wants. He is gracious, He is great.

Oh, and Justin? Thanks for loving me. I know I can be a little witchy sometimes, but you deflect it well and project onto ME the Love of the Lord. And I love you, J.

Keep on trucking, Knackers; the Lord is with your heart.

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