The Distance Between Myself and the World… (Allie)

…is huge. And I like it that way.

Late last year, I removed myself from Facebook. I never got into Twitter, and I’m really proud of that fact. I have a highly addictive nature, and spent literally hours per day on social networks, chatting with people, liking photos, adding only the good photos of myself, posting only the wins of my day; in short, creating an online life for myself and presenting it with pretty wrapping paper. Opinions of those around me mattered more than they should’ve because I was posting my ideas for the world to see and critique. It became such a part of my life that I would lay in bed and think, bahaha, that’s a funny status update. Let me write that down.

How many hours did I waste on social networks that I could’ve spent reading a book? Educating myself? Enriching my spiritual life?

When I came to this realization, I was disappointed with myself. Severely. I grew up outside — amongst the horses, the goats, the lakes, the tall grasses. Going from this outdoorsy, inquisitive, adventurous soul to someone who cared what everyone thought about how I chose to spend my day was such a gradual transition that I never noticed it until I woke up. The day that I ended up deactivating my Facebook, I spent an hour or so in Bible study and in the presence of the Lord, searching for what step to take next to get myself out of this rut. I eventually came to the conclusion that I should just get rid of my social networks, so I did. At first, it felt terrible. I hated it.

I had some severe self-confidence issues after having spent too much time READING about fitness but never getting out there and DOING fitness. I was lonely. I wanted all my friends to talk to me the same as they had before, but I realized that when it was no longer convenient for them to talk to me, my real friends started to come out of the woodwork. A few still attempted contact outside of Facebook. After I got rid of FB, I realized that I had yet ANOTHER social addiction: texting. I literally couldn’t stop texting. I’d take the phone to the kitchen when I was cooking, I’d text and drive, I’d take my phone to the shower with me. It was ridiculous! So I put that down too.

Then, after a few weeks, I had reduced my time on social networks to zero, and had begun to hang out with my family more. I hadn’t even realized how much time I’d taken away from being with them by being zoned out on my phone or computer.

I have no idea what’s going on politically or internationally. But I’m okay with that. What it came down to was this: when I quit Facebook and Tumblr and Pinterest and stuff (though I still spend some time on the latter), I had time to pick up Portuguese. AND Italian! I have an amazing job and amazing friends, and I want to enjoy my REAL life, not my online life!

So I look up to you folks who can divide their time wisely and not become consumed with the network; but as for me, I’m better off without it.

Allie, out.

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