Quiet Places (Justin)

What’s the difference between a quiet place and a quiet place?

I just finished up an Elementary Statistics exam at the university at tad early so I’m taking time to rest in the school library before my Social Science Research Methods class. It’s beautiful here, even though the view leads directly to the hospital where I was born. It’s beautiful in its own way; I’ve seen life and death occur there. One thing to remember is that, all in loud, even with the chattering keyboards from the fingers of students rushing to finish their essays or study guides, or the people walking in and out to and from class, this is still a library. It’s a quiet place.

My house is a quiet place. Humorously enough, my friends called it “the library” because it was so vacant of stress, relieved of sound. My brother’s quiet, my parents are quiet, and half the time the family isn’t home anyway. For a thin-walled four-plex, we do pretty well.

So that’s a quiet place. But then there’s a quiet place.

Some of my favorite quiet places include the shower. The driver’s seat. The twin-sized bed. My brain activates heavily and when I need to pray, when I need to thank Him for life and confess my sins, when I need to heavily consider the things I need to accomplish for the evening, when I need to practice rhyme schemes in my head just to re-energize my mental rhythm or vocabulary, those are the places I go to. When I want to pick up my Bible, I might take heed to yet another quiet place. Point Woronzoff where I can see the mountains and chunks of Alaskan glacier in the water. Kaladi’s Brothers cafe where I’m hugged by the warm-colored walls and the heated aroma of roasting coffee. Just not here.

I don’t like it here. It’s school.

When I go back to London, I hope to show Allie some of my favorite outside quiet places near Notting Hill. And while we’re in Alaska, we might as well take advantage to knack it up all over the place. The city as well as the mountains. 

So what’s the difference between a quiet place and a quiet place? Well I guess that’s entirely up to you, homie. I’m off to class.


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