Gratitude (Justin)

Hey, folks.

When Allie and I started The Knack Initiative in Texas and legitimately put time and work into it when we moved to Alaska, we had about a million ideas of what it could eventually become, but simply wanted somewhere to start. Which explains, ooh la la, why we’re an initiative. Us two losers have so many dreams and goals we’re aspiring to as a couple it’s just as sad as it is encouraging haha. One can never be filled with too much wanderlust, too much energy, too much confidence in the future.

This blog is just the beginning, and it’ll always be there. But The Knack Initiative is more than just a blog. It is Allie and myself together, us as a couple, and the journey ahead of us that we only like to imagine we have the power of controlling. Each day it feels more clear that God is the One leading us down the road we need to be, and some intense compromise and patience will be needed, just as much as intense faith, consistency, and movement, to get there.

But, I’m grateful for you all who take the time to read this blog. Even if it’s just because ya’ll have nothing better to do 🙂 I can’t tell you how excited Allie gets when even one person likes or comments on any posts we make. It means so much to her than anybody would bother to follow us. So trust me when I say this isn’t some sly sympathy measure to get more followers or whatever. This is a genuine thank you from my heart for continuing to make The Knack Initiative more interesting, as well as making my girl so, so happy. I love doing this with her. And neither of us Converse-loving goobers can do it without you.

We have so many more things to tell you in the future, in so many different ways. For know, I hope our words are enough. We love ya.

Psalm 91. Read it and feel armored up like a Power Ranger. True story.

Peace easy, the Knacksters.

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