Apparently, We Suck (Allie)

We haven’t been terribly active on here, have we?

We’re working on it, I promise. In fact, we were talking today about categories, different days for different topics, and Alaska restaurant reviews. Plus a giveaway. Sometime. Soon. (Devilish cackle.) We’ll get the ball rolling this week.

J and I had a really relaxed day today. We visited Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop this afternoon for lunch. IT WAS AMAZING. Review to come soon! Then we went home, chilled, watched some tv, and talked about our future. We discussed designs for a Knack t-shirt, what quotes we’d like to use in said designs, etc. 

Or as J would put how we went about our Sunday: “We found a herd of sixth graders and beat them all up and stole their lunch money. Then we went downtown and bought steak. It was good. We felt like men.”

-rolls eyes-

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