My New Plan for Housekeeping (Allie) (Obviously not Justin)

Lately I noticed I’ve been lounging around a lot. My room is sloppy (poor Justin — he’s more of a neat-nick than I am) and I do the dishes kinda whenever I get up the oomph/want to. It’s a bit lazy and childish of me. So, here’s my new plan, starting TOMORROW.



  • Make bed
  • Pick up clothes off floor, place in hamper/washer or in dresser/closet
  • Clear surfaces of lingering items


  • Clean Bathroom

Wipe down the counters with Clorox wipes, clean the mirrors with Windex, shine the silver of the sink faucets with first water and then a dry paper towel or a dry cloth, sweep the floors, empty the trash, wipe down the upper surfaces of the bathtub, and clean out the basin of the tub with bleach (make sure to clean that up entirely or you WILL come crashing down like an America’s Funniest Home Videos clip). 

  • Do a Load of Laundry

Towels and sheets on Fridays, only.

  • Wash Dishes

These are the days that Justin usually sleeps in and so I don’t see him until later in the day, giving me a perfect window of time to get some serious work done. 

  • Organize the Bathroom Products

I’m a little bit sloppy with my hair products/makeup/lotions/shampoos/etc… they tend to be strewn a few days after organizing them, so this is a perfect weekly chore. I also want to take this opportunity to throw away any products that are super low or that I never use so that I don’t start hoarding bathroom items. #awkward

  • Oil All Wooden Furniture

I have a wooden desk and a wooden dresser, so this is the perfect day to oil them and make them shine! Make sure you wipe them down first with a dry cloth so you’re not grinding a bunch of dust particles into your beautiful furniture. 

  • Deep Clean Kitchen

Move all items from the counter, wipe it down with Clorox Bleach, and replace items, cleaning them one by one as you replace them. This keeps a nice, tidy look to the kitchen. Even if your counters are clean, a bunch of dust on the flour jar will look funny against the cleanliness of everything else. Then, I like to polish the sinks. I just use water and a dry rag, again, but it’s effective. I clean it first, of course, with bleach or an alternative cleaner. 

  • Clean Windowsills and Baseboards

This is fairly quick, but it’s definitely my least favorite chore ever. Tops laundry. That’s saying a lot. I like using the Clorox wipes since we have a lot of heavily painted windowsills, but if you have delicate wood with a light finish, I wouldn’t recommend it, as it might damage the natural look of your frames. I just use a wet paper towel or washcloth for the baseboards. I also like to hit all the drawer handles/ledges/countertops pretty much everywhere in the house while I’m at it. Take it one room at a time.

I’m going to skip Sundays. I love relaxing with Justin after church and I don’t want cleaning to come between our togetherness.

And also:



  • Organize Shoes

In the entry-way of our house, we have about twenty pairs of shoes at all times. This would be a good time, it being Monday and all (fresh start to your week! unless you’re a shift worker, in which case Monday means squat), to pick up all the shoes, sweep under them, and reorganize them. 
Honestly, with Monday being one of my longer days (typically I work AND hit the gym in the evening), I’ll keep it short and sweet.

  • Wash Dishes

I’ll just throw all the dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the counters to tidy up.


  • Sweep Decks

Once a week is more than plenty often to sweep your decks. Currently, there’s a bunch of snow and wetness all over the porches, so sweeping them isn’t gonna do diddly, so I’ll be skipping this till breakup season is over.

  • Vacuum


  • Clean Windows

This means inside AND out, if you can reach them. I cannot, since we live in a three story condo, but doing the inside is pretty darn effective.


  • Laundry Day

I hate laundry.
I like to wash all of it in one day and bloody get it over with. Such a chore. Geez. In fact, because I hate it so much, I refuse to do any other chores today. Except dishes, I guess. I suppose. FINE.

  • Wash Dishes



  • Check Calendar

Taking this time to make sure I didn’t forget anything to add, looking to see if there are any appointments or reminders. And yes. I prefer physical calendars to electronic ones. They suck.

  • Declutter Surfaces

Just take fifteen minutes and pick one or two zones. Advice brought to you courtesy of the FlyLady. I’ve grown up with her stuff and find it to be very useful. 

And there you have it.

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