Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop (Allie)


One brilliant day, Justin and I decided to take a walk downtown to Fur Rondy in 35 degree weather. We thought we’d be warm enough, but we forgot to factor in proper foot attire and thus, became soaked to the bone from the knees down after about ten minutes. Fast forward an hour and we’re already back in the car, shaking from the wind chill and grumbling about wet feet and wet hems. As we booked it away from downtown to the house, we turned down G Street to avoid traffic and saw this adorable little sign that said “Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop” and literally stopped the car to read it. It stated that they served coffee and pastries. We took mental note of the location, 15th and G Street, and went home.

Next Sunday, we actually REMEMBERED that we wanted to go there (surprise, surprise) and so after worshiping the Lord for an hour or so, we headed over.

The first thing we saw when we entered the quaint little shop was a plethora (ooh, big word) of breads: challah bread and onion poppy rolls and cinnamon raisin sourdough and their signature, Fire Island Rustic wheat. They have others that sound exotic, too, like the New York Rye or the Vollkornbrot (“An old world wheat-free German rye bread that is dense, Pullman-shaped, and lasts for days”). (Source: Our FoodMoving past the bread display, the case next to it held all the sweets and a few sandwiches.


Given that Fire Island has certain days where certain items are available, that morning they had sold out on their uber bran, apple walnut, and morning glory with pecans muffins. Too bad, since I was in the mood for muffins. I thought I was just “settling” for the Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich until I bit into it. I don’t know what bread was used, but I assume it was a tangy sourdough that gave the perfect citrusy kick to the fresh taste, and it was, by far, the best BLT I’ve ever had.

Their website doesn’t have a section for drinks, but they sell this fantastic 100% juice soda that Justin got and consumed whole-heartedly. I enjoyed a few sips of it, though it’s a little bizarre at first! We also shared some chocolate chip cookies.

I don’t like cookies. Weird, right?

But I LOVED these cookies. Chewy, soft, and melt in your mouth goodness.

Go there. Get some. Literally: GET SOME.


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