I’m Learning Portuguese For Free! (Allie)

>> http://www.duolingo.com

Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese — and as many at a time as you like! You can access the program online through your computer, or through an app on your phone, which is handy for me since I’m always on the go. You have the ability to sign up via Facebook, Google+, or email. 

In my Portuguese program, I started out with Basics I. It includes three lessons, and you learn girl, boy, man, woman, she, he, bread, milk, drinks, eats, etc. In each lesson, you have four hearts. If you run out of the hearts by answering questions inaccurately, you have to start over and you make the tiny owl cry. (You’d have to see it to understand.)

By completing levels and continuing streaks (each consecutive day that you learn is considered a streak — miss a day and it’s over), you earn “lingots.” Lingots allow you to buy power-ups, like a streak-freeze if you know you’re going to miss a day or a timed practice challenge. Also, if you want to spend a LOT of lingots, you can learn to speak Portuguese pick-up lines. (Yay.)

You have levels that you can up by earning XP, and a little tracker on the side of your profile tells you how MANY words you’ve learned so far. (I’ve learned 51.) (That’s less impressive than I thought.)

One last thing: Duolingo has a button labeled “Immersion” at the top of the page. After learning a decent amount, you can read articles, translate them, or approve/deny them as legitimately written topics and sort by subject with the side-bar. It’s good stuff. You can also upload an article or even a sentence that you’ve written and have it critiqued by Portuguese speakers. 

Try it; Duolingo is a great tool for getting smarter in small increments each day!

Knack out.

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