Coffee Thoughts: A Moment in Time (Allie)


I’m in New Sagaya. I’m watching the overturn of people, in and out of the doors. Smiles and frowns, evasive body language. “Don’t look at me; I’m not social.” The overtalkers. “How are you today?” Everyone says, “fine,” or “good, thanks.” And follows it with, “What can I do for you?” In and out.
For some of us, this is the maximum social exposure for the day. For others, like me, I’ll move on to other positions that involve constant interactions with various kinds of people, all day long. They’ll enter the building, be seated, and leave. In and out.
Who touched their heart during their visit?
Did any one person reach out to them in complete humanity and with an open spirit?
Realistically, you have about ten seconds to make an impression on someone. For some, it’s less. But it only takes a second to turn someone’s day to sunshine, or increase their dark mood.
It boils down to being aware. Regard your surroundings as temporary, not the “daily grind.” Look at people with fresh eyes every day. Find something to tell them that you’ve never mentioned today. I don’t mean, “I’m wearing Spiderman boxers.” I mean, “That particular shade of blue makes your eyes really stand out.” Or, “Hey, your suit is pretty awesome today.”
I challenge you. Knack challenges you: make an impression. Make someone smile, make someone laugh. Do SOMETHING to better the world today.

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