Wanderlust Initiative: Why Alaska (Justin)

Why. Just, why.


Why in the world was I born in Anchorage, Alaska. Dad is from North Carolina, Mom is from Queens, New York, and my only brother is from Savannah, Georgia. A southeast family switched gears and had me in the northwest….and stayed in the northwest. Any elementary school world map can tell you Alaska is more westside Canada than it is westside America. With some of the highest gas prices and costs of living in the Nation, not to mention the worst dressed and severely bipolar weather (Oh, it’s late spring? LET IT SNOW), you wonder why anyone was born in such an interesting place.

You never really know sometimes. God has his plan, and He giggles because we don’t know them, but goodness. Sometimes I truly wonder.

Despite my old man bickery, I really don’t hate this place. It almost actually is what the pictures in magazines and online (like the one above, courtesy of 9to5mac.com) portray it to be. I’ve been to Oregon, Texas, the Carolinas, Georgia, California, Mexico, Guatemala, London, and Scotland. And my own two planet-sized eyes still claim that, potentially, Alaska is still the most beautiful place they’ve ever been. The cold can die, so can the alcoholism, and the recidivism and crime rates. But, I mean…

…you don’t really miss the mountains, until they’re gone.

But I’m ready to leave after 24 years. Ready to give my girl a new adventure, to save my money properly so we can travel responsibly and safely. Everybody needs to escape sometimes. Some people leave to “find themselves”, but I honestly believe our own selves have already discovered simply by being home, wherever that may be. Outside of home, however, is where we go to discover God, and consequently, ourselves. That’s what I believe, at least. Not everybody is meant to stay or leave, but the benefits either way are astronomical.

What has been your greatest adventure outside of home? Tell us. Your story probably needs to be heard.

Think about it. We’ll be back.

Knack on.

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