Why I Love College (Justin)



I don’t love college.

(What are they smiling about?!)


Being a senior in school who gets up at 5:45 am every morning to go to work before class (boo-freakin’-hoo) with just a few credit lefts before acquiring my sacred Bachelor’s in Sociology, it feels like it’s for the birds almost each day. In high school we called this a symptom of “senioritis”, where the only thing that mattered after spending four commonly-miserable years praying each night for each day to go by faster is the smooth-sailing toward the light at the end of the socially awkward tunnel. In other words, we were so close to graduation, we simply stopped caring about maintaining good grades. Full class schedules. Taking physical education classes seriously. Passing advanced placement exams. We were kings, after all. (Blessings, class of 2007.)

Well, it’s back. And it’s five times worse in college. Include the debt from federal funds, a highly unreliable educational adviser, a promise of no guarantee of the high-paying dream job my degree would potentially set me up for, and a wanderlust-stricken companion, and yes. I just want to freaking get out….

…Only to try to get into graduate school later. Life.

Well, in the name of higher education, I need your help, those of you foolish enough to let me tell you what to do. I’m doing a very interesting survey. It’s completely voluntary, completely free, and completely short. Boring stuff: my upper-division Social Science Research Methods class requires its students to conduct a pilot study on a social topic by generating a valid research proposal and collect data from anonymous units of analysis (participants). If you’d like to check mine out, you’re more than welcome to be a part of this survey 🙂 It’s entitled The Degrees of Media Influence on Outgroup Conceptions. The link is below:


Let me know if you do partake in this short survey. Data must be collected by the 15th of this month, so if you do finish it up, let me know you did by the 15th, and you’ll be get something special from me. Also, I’ll probably never ask you to do a survey for me again, on a blog. That’s boring. This man promises it’s a one-shot 🙂

Hurry and do this short survey while I watch Allie play Red Dead Redemption on her Xbox.

I love you guys.

How was/is your college experience? We want to know. Knack, out.


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